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The Secrets

Secret #1/4:

What is your relationship with good & evil and how to deal with your perspective? Is a wrathful and judging God, Good? Is acting on hate, Evil? It is not for us to judge except what is helpful and what is hurtful. Yeah that is the secret if you do not judge them, then you cannot condemn them. You will keep your peace and reap what you sow.


If your Highly motivated, you probably want to know more, Well?


The techniques I can teach will give your abilities that some might say are psychic. It is not, but it feels magical.


What will you get for connecting to this opportunity? An unfettered look at reality. From here you can make choices that are effectual. Instead of group think.


You want personal power and self-control, right?


Do you want “precognitive” information that helps you make the right decisions?


Are you happy, joyous, and free?

It is all possible, to add that spark of life.


You will learn how to influence your subconscious, to alter your behaviors and perceptions which change outcomes. This helps you acquire that which you desire?


By developing your intuitive faculties and expanding your awareness. To react to the usually unnoticed opportunities all around you reflexively.


The illuminated exercises allow your subconscious to pop in. This is how you can multiply speedy results.


Secret #2: This technique employs a behavior modification tool called Extinction. The last resort! Because if you do not commit to the 21 days or so of consistently going to the Light, the problem or behavior will get worse. If you don’t do it consistently, inconsistent reinforcement makes the problem worse. The manifestation of “luck” fails. So do it or don’t. Do not do it half ass attempt. It will make the problem.


I was once plagued by violent imagery and fantasy which was completely arrested by this technique. By turning the other cheek, not resisting emotionally, physically, or spiritually. I look to the warmth of the Light. Your focus should be like looking into the warming morning sun without blinking. Be brave.


I traveled most the road to Mastery alone after my inception.


I was left to make serious mistakes and to figure and learn on my own.

My road was a lot harder than it needed to be without guidance.


I hope to make the path as wide & easy as possible for you.


The last message from my teacher was to inquire to my Girl if I was dead...


You see I never believed in constantly shielding myself from others it’s an act of fear and I wanted to walk in faith. So in my mind I turned my self into a micro black hole, a quantum singularity, and randomly flung my SELF to the blackness of deep space, two weeks prior.


For all practical purposes, I disappeared…


He could not find me in the Æathers and assumed I was dead.


That was the first time I knew this stuff is real…


But for the black hole to work. In the grid, you must have definitive knowledge of what a black hole is and its effects on its environment. Same thing as needing to have a particle physicist understanding is necessary to Remote View well. Which we will not be talking about it because it is classified.


Today I have overcome many obstacles due to going to the Light. And I hope to share this to you. What made me more effective was using these methods of Illumination. I discovered it by reworking a concept I read 20 years earlier.


The discovery was as much, by accident, but in fact, it is the tool for manifesting your dreams and solving problems.


I have practiced, in meditation, visualizing an ever-expanding filament to my higher self, in the beginning it was as frail as a spiders’ silk. Over time my entire crown Chakra sensed the threads presence. Should you do the same...? Only if you want success, start by placing a cord running and down from your Higher Self (the perfect you) ever present to the god head. Run it through your crown chakra continue to lay it down the length of your spine to the core of the earth.


Your higher self is continually in the presents and radiance of the “God Head.”


There is where Intuition comes from…



Take the issue in your dominant hand, in your mind’s eye, and in the opposite hand take the Light Source.


Bring your hands together (*) over your head, and in your mind's eye, and hold them together there over your head until you find relief. This meditation deals with the negative, need. Where symbol concentrations a Sigil, I call them Gifts In 3 words make your Clam Go into trance and meditate on your spell. Remove all the vowels and rearrange the letters into a new symbol. Make at least 3 renditions each one morphing into the next until a clear symbol not resembling the original letters. Again, you need to be in trance. Joshua Silva Meditations at the beginning of this document. Will train you to go to trance by relaxing your eye lids.


Yea an on-demand psychic.


Then move on forgetting about it, and It should take care of itself. If not repeat until it is settled.


I had learned to go to The Light…You can too.


Over a dozen times in different situations all of which have gotten resolved in my favor by going to The Light…


And it is as simple as Going to the Light…, bringing yourself, your awareness, into the presence of the radiance of “God” as you understand it and wait there.


You will find your perception of the problem changes…


Stay there long as needed to be adjusted, you will know when it is time to stop.


The Illuminated exercises and The Steps can be used independently.


However, the whole book is to train you in the techniques of going to your ‘God or Goddesses' brilliance through your higher selves’ experience.


After you have learned to drop your baggage and clean up your karma there is where healing and acquisition begins.


It worked for me. Might it work for you?


I do not see why not. Do you...?


What do You think?... Will you try?


Secret #3: How to handle fire in ritual work to illuminate your ritual works.


It, your will, should come from your mind as you strike the wooden match, after the sulfur clears be sure to smell the hint of wooden match when you put it out. It is your sent trigger for trance. As an extension of your intention and will. Ignite your candle and incense Brickett each one off the other the trick is to light the bracket off the candle without the ignition Brickett putting out the candle. So, hold it at a distance. All acts in this process must have the focus to use only one match. The Light of your intention.


Then step back as the ignition permeates the Brickett yes forget about your intention for a bit and refocus when the Fumes from the briquette clears. When adding your raw incense resins, less is more, and herbs as of your gifts. Meditate on your Alters symbolic values until the fragrant smoke dissipates and in its transition the meaning of your symbols disperses throughout the air then to oneness. Watch and wait as the smoke and transfers your prayers to the Æathers as the smoke dissipates.


When your offering, gift is spent and the smoke clears, clear off your alter and leave one pace as a reminder of your will. It is something primary you can visualize in object concentration of you alter. For the intuitive interception of your desire.


The year Practical Magic requires.


Is shaving six years off “The seven years of suffering.” If you get the right habits and if everything is done as it is laid out.


Starting your day with a 20-minute meditation and reflection sets the pace and vibration of the rest of your day.


And the development of the self-discipline pays off in all areas of your life.


The works of a 12step lifestyle can and will set you free. "Happy joys and free!" That is a promise.


The work can/will guide you to The Point, “The One Creative Source.”


The lifestyle will bring you to that undefinable aspect of God that “Is.”


And these Steps will guide you to a deeper and more intimate relationship with your God as you know and understand It, even the scientist.


So, what is the point of completing The Program?


It leads to emotional freedom! And fulfillment in a life, helping others having helped yourself.


Generally, there two types of people the givers and the takers.


Do you want to be a fountain of Light for the ones you love?


Do you want the influence to change yourself, the world, to serve?


You will finally realize that which you are resentful about is what is holding you back from being reasonably happy and secure.


When you keep your side of the street clean, there is nothing holding you back to presume your dreams.


Seriously, you can reach your potential and be happy, joys and free!



Super-Secret #4: Imagine having a visual display implanted in your eye and an implanted computer running parallel with your conscious. It can anticipate your needs saving time or lead you to accomplish your goal out of order when a chance to get something done arises. Now instead of later. Occasionally data comes up on the screen related to your plans that enhances what you already know.


This is the results of doing the meditational exercises. After completion of the exercise the enhancements come to pass when you have opened the gate between your conscious and subconscious minds.


There is no going back once a pickle always a pickle.


Do you want the Personal Power? To have and accomplish whatever you need? In finding a place to serve. To be A Master. In Mastering yourself you Master your environment. Serve with Distinction.


Yes, whatever you need, getting what you want is about creating a vacuum. So, what you need comes to you. Serving has a karmic response it is the solution and The Key!


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We train internationally and serve locally!

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